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Often times, musicians aren’t sure who should be thanked and when. These Tuesday Tips – Stage Musts –  can help you elevate, and grow your career with the venue, volunteers, sound engineers and your fans. As a manager, these are reminders I give my musicians each time they gig, and I do that because it is easy for them to get caught up in their craft, and forget to sell the business end, which is as important for a successful career.

INTRODUCE – yourself and your band members. You might want to do this more than once for those showing late to the evening. Ensure they know who you are, and mention your website during the show for ease of following you. 

ENGAGE -your audience and thank them for being at your show. Many times musicians go right into the song, which works, however, don’t go into song 2 before acknowledging the audience listening in appreciation to your music. Let them know you are aware of their presence and are thankful to them for attending your show and live music events at the venue. 

PITCH -Your CD, your merch, your mailing list, upcoming shows, and your website! Often musicians simply don’t want to be the sellers, however, who better than yourself to do so by pitching your merch, your new CD, joining your mailing list, mentioning upcoming shows and always your website. Sell it, make it funny if you like! Make sure they take you home with them, are signed up to receive news of upcoming gigs and accolades. In this way, you keep new and veteran fans in the know and returning for shows. 

TUESDAY TIPS – STAGE MUSTS – Michelle Fortier Publicity

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I simply can’t say this enough. 

YOUR HOST – venue & accommodations
YOUR EMCEE – DJ or venue Emcee
YOUR AUDIENCE – your new fans
THE VOLUNTEERS – they fed you, sold merch, roadies
SOUND ENGINEER-  for making you sound good
VIDEOGRAPHER/PHOTOGRAPHER – for making you look good

Hosts – Think about how many people you have interacted with, for this one show. From the stage, it is a must to publicly thank your host of both venue and accommodations if you are lucky enough to have both. They put you up and maybe fed you breakfast before you leave in the morning. The venue is seeing to your every need from start to finish, so give them the extra smile and thank you and maybe even a push from you about how wonderful they all are.

Your Emcee, whether it’s a DJ, a volunteer host or a special venue host, they need to be acknowledged. They are often volunteers who’ve spent time driving to the gig and prepping and researching information to announce you at the show. They’ve just tooted your horn, now toot theirs!

Your AUDIENCE will continue to follow you, sign up for your mailing list, join you on social media and become new fans. Your best publicity comes from word of mouth and it’s free. Ensure that you spend time with them as well when selling merch or as they are coming in the door or leaving the venue. A smile, a handshake, a hug goes a long way in memory.

The Volunteers are a very special core of people who put their heart, soul, and their own UNIQUE talents into making your night special. They feed you, sell your merch, sell tickets, put up posters and are your ambassadors from beginning to end. Let them know they are loved and special.

Sound Engineer – It goes without saying if you haven’t got sound, the back forty isn’t going to hear you. If the power goes off, the monitors aren’t loud enough, your mix is not quite right, the sound person is your right and left arm for the evening. Make sure they are appreciated.

Photographer and Videographer – There isn’t always a photographer or videographer on hand, however, if there is, get to know them and personally thank them. They are the newest portal on your social media and possibly they take that picture which is absolutely perfect for the next album cover or caught a pose you’ve always wanted or, maybe the video is the best of the new song you’ve been looking to get out there to fans. Love them up!

Grow your career and enhance your image with Tuesday Tips from Michelle Fortier Publicity! Have an idea for Tuesday Tips or a suggestion to help musicians, please contact me at [email protected]