Tuesday Tips – Facebook Basics – Michelle Fortier Publicity 

Facebook is a daunting task particularly for DIY musicians looking to accomplish multiple things while wearing many hats. Keeping it simple, means you work smarter not harder. Tuesday Tips – Facebook Basics – Michelle Fortier Publicity, focuses on some of the very basic do’s and don’t’s you’ll need to help boost things for you in the Facebook world.


For instance, someone has just tagged you in a post and you’ve received a notification on Facebook. An example would be “Great concert at Luminate Caffe with Jenna Davies. Can’t wait to see more music from you.” The notification on your page does not mean everyone can see it. Sharing it on your page, and commenting with a “Thank you, Debbie! Great to see you at Luminate Caffe, everyone there is so great, we always have fun! We have a new album coming out in January.” If you like hashtags use them, however, overuse looks spammy and isn’t necessary for this personal exchange.

In the example above you are sharing with your fans and followers, a review of the concert and possibly gained a brand new fan. By engaging them in conversation you are more likely to keep your new fan. Be thankful, give them credit and answer any questions. Get to know them and let them get to know you. You can at some point do a call to action as well and invite them to visit your website or join your mailing list to stay in touch. Chances are they’ve already checked out your website.

Sharing Without Commenting

Sharing, not only engages, it also lets your followers, fans and potential new fans know that they are important to you. For example, someone has shared a post about an upcoming show or that you are a part of. DON’T simply share it without comment. Ensure that each person on the bill, the host, the venue are mentioned in your shared post. Just because others don’t, doesn’t mean you follow that crowd. Stand out, be supportive of others and you’ll probably gain some new networking possibilities you weren’t aware existed. Hashtags can be useful here, however, again, do not overuse them. #FRFF2017 #Tuesdaytips #starstruck – 3-5 hashtags are more than enough and make them useful.


In the example above we talked about sharing. Another very important facebook basic is to highlight/tag the person, the venue, etc. by using the @symbol until the text turns blue, in essence tagging the person in your reply post, so that they, in turn, are notified that there is a response. “Thank you, @DebbieGarant! Great to see you at @LuminateCaffe, everyone there is so great, we always have fun! We have a new album coming out in January.”  This is also multi-purpose. You’ve just thanked and engaged your new fan, you’ve alerted the venue that their audience thought your show was great, you’ve mentioned how great everyone is at the venue and the venue sees that you are still working publicity for the show and their venue. It’s a win-win for everyone.