Take Time For You – Tuesday Tips

This is probably one of the most difficult things we can do for ourselves, particularly if we run our own business. It is also one of the most important things we can do to sustain ourselves and keep things fresh. Whether you are a musician or a music industry person, when you take time for you, life looks new, business looks fresh and things don’t seem quite so overwhelming.

Walk Away From The Computer

This is unbelievably difficult for someone like me who is in the business of public relations. Promoting businesses, musicians, authors, and venues, goes on all day and all night. There isn’t a real time clock in my day when I punch in and out. If you are like me in order to take time for you, first, everything needs to be completed to the best possible degree. Musicians face the same dilema, booking, writing releases, charting new songs. For me all tweets, facebook posts, press releases scheduled and completed. For musicians, DIY is filled with work that must be done each day as well. If you choose to not take the time for yourself, I guarantee, illness, fatigue, and other goodies will send ‘life interruptus’ your way. Walk away from the computer, shut off the devices and you’ll be surprised how well you will feel tomorrow.

Research, read a book, get outside

Just a few things you can do to take time for you is to go to your library and do some research. Read that book you’ve been putting off for two months or get outside and smell the roses or enjoy the snow. Walking away from the computer and shutting down our devices, doesn’t mean we can’t learn while we’re taking time for ourselves. It simply means we take in life around us, instead of staying in our bubble at the desk. The time away may just produce that new lyric or give you a fresh approach to booking the next gig.

Treat yourself

When we treat ourselves we are giving back to ourselves in a way that is unique to us. Take time for you by treating yourself to that painting you wanted, pampering yourself with a manicure, or enjoying the company of someone special in your life. Often times we forget that we have needs that only we know how to fulfill. If you are treating yourself, you are benefitting everyone around you.

Enjoy family, friends and loved ones

Take time to enjoy your family and friends. Make that call to someone you haven’t spoken with in a while when you were out on tour, or locked away songwriting. Go for a walk with your children or grandparents or parents. Curl up in front of the fireplace and watch a good movie with them. Take yourself out of the desk bubble and enjoy time that is precious and short lived.

Take Time For You

When you take time for you, the world is new, you become refreshed, recharged and ready to take on new things and challenges facing you in the days and hours ahead. Life is definitely new and more vibrant, you work faster and things are accomplished. I often forget to stop my day at an hour that allows me the time to refresh and recharge, which means I will feel a wee bit more sluggish and definitely less creative. There are multiple rewards for taking time for you, including emotional, physical and spiritual lifts. Figure out what floats your boat and lock in that time off for you and enjoy a healthier lifestyle and work environment.