Summerfolk, Summer Lovin’, Summertime

Summer has sped by here at Michelle Fortier Publicity! The heat, the music, the flowers blooming, all is good and we’re really into a groove.

Hitting the road to SUMMERFOLK

I’m really truly honored to be heading to Summerfolk as part of the media and will be along for the ride with Susan Wheeler Hall – Accessibility Matters and Jan of Folk Roots Radio with Jan Hall. We’ll be interviewing musicians, tweeting and sharing and we hope you’ll stay in touch with us along this ride. If you get a chance take a listen to Jan’s interview with Summerfolk AD James Keelaghan and music from some of the performers at Summerfolk42 by clicking HERE

More on Summerfolk – please visit – See you there!


New clients have come on board too, so when you get a chance, please visit their websites and get to know them here at my client page. Enjoy a beautiful weekend!